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    image Today, your company needs mission-critical business applications that are vital to survival of a business or organization, but the cost of provisioning and maintaining your IT infrastructure hurts the bottom line, not adding new value. You can choose to focus on what really matter and to remove concerns about applications security, reliability and performance to alleviate the burden and drive better bottom line results with ITH Enterprise Application Hosting, our specialized experts run your critical applications infrastructure for you, protecting your critical data and ensuring its availability when and where you need it.

    Your company is looking for a way to enable manageable IT costs and also want to make sure your applications are available and responsive. How are you going to accomplish these goals with declining budgets and increasing pressure to perform? Increase your speed to market by focusing on your main business; and rest assured knowing your vital infrastructure is in capable hands with ITH.

    image ITH Enterprise Application Hosting provides your company with the building blocks to successfully run all of your critical applications. From network support to server and storage services, our experts help you make the most of your resources. With particularly deep knowledge of ERP, CRM and Telesales applications family, we provide world-class hosting capabilities that your company can rely on. Our experts will increase the performance and availability of your applications delivering 24/7 reliability. They will also reduce the complexity of your IT by making sure the right people are in key positions to make your applications run smoothly. We help your company be more innovative by freeing up capital that was once spent on managing the IT asset lifecycle.

    For enterprise business that needs continuity of operations under adverse conditions either a natural or man-made disasters, ITH Disaster Recovery Center is an option to prepare for recovery or continuation of IT infrastructure with recovery strategies and technologies to meet key metrics of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Our DR planner will determine the most suitable recovery strategy to minimize your business loss.

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